Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

Knick, Knack, Weg.

Hey guys! :3

Well, I just noticed, its a while ago since I made the last Blog. o,o
So.. What going on?
The summerholidays are near, I'm looking forward for them, but there are also some ppl @ my school, I really like, but they'll finish their time there soon.
So I try to enjoy the time left with them, and anyway, they wont die. ;3

What else..?
Well, I'll finally go to the hairdresser again, maybe this friday. And I'm thinking about to get a new haircut..
.. Like Christian Siriano, just a lil bit longer:

I asked some ppl. They all think, I'd be a good idea... Well, I'll think again about it.
Because, somehow I'd miss my blonde streeks. ><

Oh, btw, today's the soccer-game Germany vs. Spain.
I'm going crazy because of this. x.x
The last 2 times Germany won and I was fuckin happy. I screamed around with Lila, at the Public-Viewing.
I love it, but today it's to late.. At 8:30 pm, tomorrow we have school.
Anyway, I just hope, germany will win. .__.
btw, since some days I really like one of the spain soccerplayers: Fernando Torres.
I dunno why I started to like him.. But he looks so.. cute?! Q.Q
At the EM 2008 I didn't liked him. Because of him we lost. uû
But anyway, he's very sympathic and I like his freckles. :b
It's a little bit sad, he won't play today, but maybe it's good in some way. xD

Uhm.. I want to say something else to the theme soccer..
I like both, but I think the black germany-outfit is better than the white one... .__.

btw, my fave of the german team is Manuel Neuer. :3
I don't need much reasons he's just awesome. [:

 Lila & me after Public-Viewing (England - Germany) :3

Okay, lets write about something else then hair and soccer..

Oh, yes, about one week ago I made my work experience.. At a Pet-Store, called 'Fressnapf'.
Not much to say.. It was terrible.. most times.
Sometimes it was really funny and so on. ^__^
I went to Subway in my break, every single day..
And I ate my first 'Ben & Jerry's'.
It's fuckin yummy! *___*

Last theme:
I finally continued watching Queer as Folk. :3
I'm at Season 4 from 5 now.
Theres a 'new' character, I really like.
Hunter! ^__^
He's just amazing, I'm glad, he's living at Ben's & Michael's place now.
If you dont know Queer as Folk.. Just watch it, it's amazing. And funny as hell. ;b

Well.. This was a longer post, now, I hope, its okay. ^__^

- Chiyo~ <3