Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010


ey guys! :3

Yeah.. My first blog here.
I just saw my friend San's Blog and somehow I wanted to do it too.^^'

To be honest, I dunno what to write atm.
So, just talk about today. :D

After lots of time I went to IKEA with my parents again.
We didn't found something really.. Just some Mousepads, a Noteboard and some things for the Kitchen.
Well.. I saw a guy who looked like a friend.
He followed me, it was a lil bit scary, but funny. |D

After this shopping my parents and me went to McDonald's and I tought I'd die.
I ate 9 Nuggets, 1 McFlurry Magnum Brownie (<3)>
Yeeeah, I'm addiced to the Magnum-Products of McDonalds. :b

However when we came home I started to paint on a Mousepad. (They were blank, thats because I buyed them. I can desing them by myself. :3)
Btw, the weather here is terrible.
I want to be somewhere else; spain, corfu, rhodos, egypt or croatia.

So, now I'm just sitting here and I'm
bored. .___.
Well, I'll look whats going on in the internet. :3

Wish u guys a beautiful day. :]


First Mousepad-Try. :3